My Eagles Fan Friend Gives Me Shit About Connor Barwin

My Eagles Fan Friend Gives Me Shit About Connor Barwin
  • Okay, you're very proud of the piece in the Inquirer (or whatever Philly based outlet printed that story) about Connor Barwin and how he's the Jack of All Trades.

    So please Shamir -- go ahead and remind me and everyone else in the world how I said the Eagles were suckers for signing Barwin.
  • The numbers speak for themselves:

    Eagles: 7-5

    Texans 2-10

    Its no coincidence that the Texans have gone from Superbowl contender to Teddy Bridgewater favorites in 6 short months.

    On the flip side the Eagles were 4-12 last year and have made no significant changes besides for adding the NFL's greatest hipster (and a minor coaching change).

    At the time of the signing you went on and on about how his sack numbers were down and how he was overrated, - classic stat nerd.

    But what you failed to understand is that intangibles that having the NFL's #1 hipster on your roster brings to an organization. Once the Texas stopped listening to Animal Collective and going to music festivals, things have gone downhill, and FAST.

    Tonight when the Jaguars beat the Texans by 30 on National TV you will wish they had some artisinal cheeses and locally brined pickles in the lockerroom during the pregame.

  • Wait, did you say the Texans are 2-10? Why that can't be possible! With that roster of guys I convinced myself were talented as hell! How did this happen?

    I'm sure Connor Barwin likes it a lot more in Philly where he can find people who wear multiple knit scarfs in the Summer or try their best to look as shlumpfy as Lena Dunham.

    But, if we're being honest, this is one of the articles that newspapers write about a guy to justify his underproduction on the bottom line. He's not getting sacks but, dammit, his intangibles are off the charts.

    I'll say this much, Barwin is a shit-ton better than anyone rushing the edge for the Texans right now.
  • I'd like to take this opportunity to remind the entire ReplyAll audience of this terrific Barwin-related bet Zach and I made during the offseason:

    Please ignore the part where I state that Barwin wasn't worth the money that the Eagles paid him and just focus on the fact that Zach is going to owe me $50.

    (Can we agree now that Freeney's collusion claim was totally unfounded?)
  • We can agree only if you share this conversation with no less than 1K of your closest family and friends.

    Seriously, the Colt's knew Freeney was going to get injured? Every team knew this?

    Also...I suck at predicting anything football related.