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NetDocuments is one of the fastest growing legal tech companies of which I am aware (even though you've been around since 1999), without giving me a thousand words, what is your secret sauce?

So much to unpack here, but why don’t we start with security. Many folks are nervous about the cloud and I’ve heard eDiscovery vendors say something to the effect of “my customers like to know where their data is stored.”

How do you explain in simple terms why this approach is so flawed?

When we spoke last, you gave me the example that how we define containers and custodians is getting increasingly complex — care to share with our audience?

Before I let you go, one final question. I'm not sure if you were at Relativity Fest last week (I was monitoring from afar), but one of the key themes I saw emerging was the shift of companies like Epiq from pure litigation support to "data management" which might even include workflows around contract review.

I know it's a little bit off topic, but from your perch at Epiq, are you seeing this trend as well?

Hey Zach, it’s my pleasure and thank you for having me. Yes, you are correct. While the corporate entity of Cognicion is 3 years old this month, we have been around for over 15 years as a service provider.

In order to offer existing and new clients well-rounded capabilities and solutions, many firms have launched wholly-owned subsidiaries comprised of industry and business professionals who are not lawyers. Our COO and I have significant Big 4 consulting backgrounds while others on our team come from various firms, corporations and service providers. That diversity combined with operational independence allows Cognicion the benefit of strategic growth in our core area of eDiscovery as well as adjacent areas such as data privacy, information governance and contract management.

Three years in, do you have a better sense of the value of operating as a separate entity both for Cognicion as well as the law firm?

I don't know if I have the context to evaluate moments of change, but I'm curious -- why do you see this as a moment of change and how did we get here?

So David, when Baker pitched you on this new role, what did they have in mind?