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I'll get this thing kicked off... Over at Windy City Gridiron we have our 2013 season prediction article dropping tomorrow, where each of our writers predict every division winner, as well as the playoff tourney, and the Super Bowl champs.

Every one of us editors have the Chicago Bears in the playoffs, is that just our homerism coming out, or are we all being as unbiased as possible?
I don't think it's crazy that we have the Bears in the playoffs; the one singular concern I have is who's bumped or left out to make room for the Bears. It's pretty likely the 2nd place team of the West gets one, the East might get one (I have an NFC East team with the other WC spot currently, but I'm still debating over that one...), and the South has three decently-tough teams behind the Falcons but no real standout. It's arguable in a few ways.

That part's dependent on the Packers retaining the top North spot, of course.
Good time to mention that you can see all of Lester's Bears material at and follow him @wiltfongjr on Twitter.