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Okay, so who's boycotting TurboTax in the name of tax reform?   

While I do love this idea... I must admit that I used TurboTax this year and $175 dollar later... taxes done!

It's just so convenient. I am ashamed. 

Yeah, I think it's a pretty cool benefit also. Definitely would be the kind of thing to FIGHT PLIGHT in cities like Detroit. Did I just make up a slogan? I think I just made up a slogan.

It's Monday, so go catch up on some news.

Leona gave us a whole bunch of accountant-inspired TV and movies to watch this week. Do you have a favorite? I'm a fan of The Untouchables even though its historical accuracy is WAY OFF. Sean Connery!

Has anyone received a call from a phony IRS agent? Please tell me that you did and screwed with them for over an hour.

Unfortunately, no phony IRS agents can get ahold of me...

(Just kidding... I really only have a cell phone.)

Agreed. Thank you emails suck. Like you said in your post, seeing a full inbox induces stress like freebasing cortisol. So a polite thank you email turns into a panic attack. 

Also, regarding emails that piss me off, I had a boss (he's since been shit-canned) who used to send the longest emails and then quiz you on their content during the interminable meetings that he'd hold. If Dostoyevsky had email, even he'd say, "Hey, man, you don't need to ramble on." Brevity is a good deed when it comes to emails. 

I'm with Leona on this one. The post-it note technique is quite popular. 

Don't worry, Greg. I don't think it backfired at all...

Earlier this week I was on a show and I opened a joke with, "So I was checking my white privilege the other day ... "