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An immediately the interview takes a dark turn! Well, we could both rant on and on about US gun politics, and trauma involving children... or we can try to spin this to a happy place. *Takes deep breath and reaches for zen*

You've done a lot of charitable work, like founding 12for12k and cofounding The Friendship Bench, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment? 

*exhales with a smile*

Am I allowed two answers?

First would have to be my granddad, who taught me a lot without me even realizing it. It's only years later that I can really see what he meant to me, and how he shaped a lot of who I am today, whatever that may be.

Second would be my wife. In the Blab I had with Mark-John Clifford as part of this tour, he asked me how much of an input my wife had had in what I've done, and it was an easy answer.

From being the rock I need, and supportive in what I do, to how many things she has on the go (family, kids, job, entrepreneurship, etc.), she gets on with it all and excels at it, she never complains. Well, not much... ;-)

So, yes, that'd be my two. I'm allowed two, right? :)