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Here's what I don't understand, I keep hearing people I respect, like Dan Lebatard, say that the NFLPA is going to need to negotiate a better discipline system, and that they should have negotiated a better deal last time.

Unless you buy the narrative that the league benefits from all the coverage, why should the union have to ask for a better discipline system when the league suffers from a bad system as well?

Eric, thanks as always for agreeing to chat. 

Before I ask you anything specific -- what is your general takeaway from what ultimately became the summer of Deflategate?

And, if that last question is too intense or probing, answer this one instead: how soon can we expect to see you regrow the beard?

Well there are a lot of parts to what you said. Let's tackle the first part about the new domestic abuse policy. 

Personal conduct is included in the CBA. It's policies are clearly stated. What Goodell did was state what how we will handle that in the future.  But if you read what he said, there was really nothing new, he said that the standard would be 6 games but with the right circumstances it could be more or it could be less. Not a far departure from what it always was. 

While it isn't popular, I think that is why we have to let the legal system play out. While the legal system plays out, there are remedies in the CBA at the league's and team's desposal if they feel the need to take immediate action. 

think it shows that Bobby has some mental toughness to him and has a lot of self belief.  Last year he did a good job of working at his craft and improving at some of the things he didn't do well.  Some people would get dejected and not pull out of it. Bobby kept working. That was a good sign. 

Carson was a great guy to play for. I really enjoyed being around him on and off the field. Very aware of his surroundings at all times. 

It was fun seeing our team start clicking the last half of the season last year and I'm glad to see they are carrying it into this year. A lot of good guys are in that locker room. 

I definitely think Carson has the make up to wins a championship. He has all the physical tools still and is completely fearless. I think his best attribute is that nothing effects him. He will throw a pick and will come off to the sideline like nothing happened. At the same time, he will throw a great TD pass and do the same thing. Can win a lot of games when you have a QB that stays  even keel no matter what. 

Hi, I'm Stephanie Stradley, writer at Ultimate Texans part of, appreciator of smart statistics, and (distressed) Texans fan.

Today's roundtable on the impact of advanced stats in the NFL includes Cardinals RT Eric Winston, Pro Football Focus writer Sam Monson and Derek Sarley from Iggles Blog &

I'm going to ask a number of questions to moderate this discussion but please, if you are reading this, log in, and feel free to chime in.

First question is more of a living history one. At what point did you become more aware that more detailed statistics other than the traditional ones were becoming more commonly used to evaluate NFL games?

For me, it was around 2006 when I first started writing about the Texans. Back then, the Texans were coming off of a 2-14 season, and most traditional writing about the team was more inclined to be punchline in nature. I started seeking out sites like Football Outsiders that talked about all the teams, and not just the TV popular ones, and gave me additional information that I didn't already know.

I find it interesting that thousands of people can see the same game, but see different things in it. A specific statistic, for me, can start as sort of an objective, neutral starting point for further discussion--whether it confirms what you think, or challenges your thinking.

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed that general public use of statistics is becoming more common in all sports.
(Full disclosure: I really enjoy watching Richard Sherman and I understand that some people -- not just athletes -- motivate themselves with chip on the shoulder narratives and that such motivation can work albeit with some quirky results)