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Fellow cast-members - and the hundreds of you in the audience that our analytics tell us have been following (really!) – I want to alert you that we’re bringing this conversation to a close in the next 24 hours; in this context, at least. We/You have covered an incredible amount of ground.


With the end of the week approaching (it will be Shabbat here in Jerusalem in just a few hours), do you have any final thoughts? Is there something that’s surfaced here that you want people to hold on to? Is there a last thought that this conversation has provoked that you want to share?

Give us your best final shot!

Welcome to CASJE’s second-ever blogcast!

Over the next few days, a fascinating group – our cast - will undertake an online conversation about Hebrew Language Education in North America. Building on previous efforts of CASJE, we’ll be especially interested in exploring how research can help advance this often challenged field.

There are many different Hebrews, and many different purposes to learning Hebrew; what’s it all about for you? What fuels your passion for this language?