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one of the most useful articles I've read. Ever. Clarified much I hadn't fully articulated in my head. Hugely useful as a financial writer, and intend to force any colleague or employer to read.

Refutes so many widely held but dumb ideas in the financial content world (emphasis on PVs, time-consuming, inefficient videos, etc).


And the content would be better.  

I don't know if you hear these same rumblings, but there are industry people who believe that the web will shift from existing as we know it and morph into a few mobile apps: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  For instance, I had one investor tell me that he would like ReplyAll more if we had built it as a FB plug-in and I had another investor tell me that he thought the blogosphere and content sites would disappear altogether.

As CEO of  Seeking Alpha, you've got to be bullish on the future of web content.  What gives you that confidence?

When I'm with my family, I try to be with them, not thinking about Seeking Alpha or checking email on my phone. But I often fail. I wouldn't claim to be a model of success.
The term "emotional roller coaster" really resonates with me.

Until I started a company I had never suffered from real depression (I would also argue that I hadn't experienced certain levels of excitement & satisfaction), but I find that not only does entrepreneurship come with a greater quantity of highs and lows, but they hit you when you least expect (which was the inspiration for this post

You seem (at least in print) to be very even-keeled. Is that a personality trait or have you developed techniques that help you stay balanced?