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The Cardinals announced this year's Hall of Fame ballot earlier in the week.  In case you missed it, the nominees were:

Steve Carlton
Bob Forsch
Keith Hernandez
Mark McGwire
Matt Morris
Edgar Renteria
Ted Simmons
Joe Torre

Renteria and Carlton are the new additions, replacing Jim Edmonds and Willie McGee who were selected last year.

We'll have an official UCB project in April to make our official selections, but wanted to kick this around a little bit.  Thoughts on the ballot?  Anyone that should be on that isn't?  Or vice versa?

Since my Cardinals fandom began in 2000, I really don't have far to go back but the one thing I would change is Rick Ankiel's meltdown in Game 1 of the NLDS.

Whether that would have meant keeping Mike Matheny from getting that hunting knife or whatever, I would have loved to see how Rick's pitching career continued to develop.

Oh, and I would have reversed the outcome of the 2004 World Series and made it a Cards sweep. That amazing season needed a better ending, especially after the incredible NLCS. 

The Cardinals are starting up their newest #NestFlix promotion with #BirdToTheFuture.  While I'm not sure that it's really the theme of the campaign, it does prompt a little discussion of Cardinal history.

So a couple of questions:

Where would you go if you could travel to any time in the Cardinal past and, #2, what, if anything, would you change back there? 

Would you find a way to keep Scott Rolen around?  Never trade for Khalil Greene?  Make sure Steve Carlton stayed in St. Louis?  All of Cardinal time and space are open to you--what's next?

Michael Wacha has made two starts in the big leagues after being down with a stress reaction.  So should the Cardinals have brought him back?  Are they rushing him?  What does that mean for this year and what does it mean for the future?

If he's actually healthy it shouldn't affect his future at all.  The timing isn't opportune because it precluded him from having a real rehab stint in the minors, but I think we can agree a healthy, effective Michael Wacha instils more confidence than anyone outside of Wainwright, Lynn & (IMHO) John Lackey among the available starters.  

The division at this point looks fairly secure.  Top seed in the NL is within reach, but the Cardinals are chasing two different teams for it.  I don't have a problem with using big-league starts to strengthen the arm and re-establish the command of a guy who has already shown he can go on the road in the playoffs and win an elimination game and can also stare down the best pitcher in all of baseball (twice) in the postseason and come out on top. 

All right, a lot of stuff that involves the Cardinals and the Red Sox.  Let's start with the big trade.  When you heard John Lackey was leaving and Allen Craig and Joe Kelly were coming in, what were your initial thoughts?

As an objective (non redbirds fan) observer, i'd love to chime in. Watching Cubs/Sox right now, and all I can say is, At least you're not the Red Sox.

Yes, they did win the World Series last year, but the fall from grace has been epic. They look lazy, uninterested and the talk of firesale is kind of sad to listen to. 

All right, I don't think it's any understatement to say that this has been a disappointing season so far for the Redbirds.  What do you need to see in the next couple of weeks (say through the All-Star Break) to make you feel this team can turn it around in the second half and be a strong playoff team?  A move by Mo?  A string of good offensive performances?  The return of Joe Kelly?  Or is there anything at all?  Let's use this as the latest Smokey Room and talk about what signs we are looking for.