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Re: my oddly healthy attitude towards life/death: I think that's a lot more nature than it is nurture. Ie, that was honestly my initial reaction to the situation, not something I fostered or crafted. I guess it's just my personality.

Re: cancer shaping my perspective: as I said on Drew's podcast (thanks for listening, BTW), cancer gave me a new appreciation for the mundane and ordinary. I can't tell you how nice it is to worry about the garbage man coming too early rather than worrying about whether you'll live long enough to see your own wedding.

Mike Lynch and Rich Banks are to credit/blame for the Baldywood theme song. I agree, it is maddeningly catchy.

I'm glad you brought up "50/50," because I thought it was the best movie of 2011 and the fact that it got zero Oscar nominations - in a particularly weak year for movies - was baffling and upsetting. I was so incredibly impressed by "50/50" - the way it was funny, poignant, insightful, heartbreaking, subtle, and most of all, honest. Basically, everything I hope my own book will be.