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Yeah, I guess that's pretty much all I needed to know . . .

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Alright, I'm pretty pumped about the NFL season this year.

In the States, it's very inconsistent on a weekly basis exactly how much football I get to watch, and I think the time difference here is going to be huge.

The 1 o clock eastern games will start at 8 pm, everyone in the house will be sleeping! And though it will be a late night staying up for the afternoon games it is very do-able.

Akiva, I want to document this for all olim so they know the ins & outs, because I still get confused by what I need to sign up for in order to get the best experience. Am I going to sign up via Directv like I would in the States?

Help a guy out...

It's because they've tackled people so many times. And each time you tackle someone your nose takes a beating. But, fear not, after getting beaten up, your nose actually gets harder, you see. It forms a hard outer layer, a shell if you will, hence "hard nosed."

Yo, what are Crocodile Tears and is it true that Crocodiles are opportunistically fake cryers?

You all seem to be saying that this "crisis" actually need not be a crisis at all. That the EU member states, as well as the neighboring nations, have the means to absorb the refugee community but they are unwilling to do so, and the EU has been unable to enforce its own internal policies on its own members.

And yet, here we are concerned with how bad the problem will get before it improves. So where is that change going to come from? Is there a dialogue within the upper level of government/s that will produce an actionable solution? Is it hopeless? (Tell me it's not hopeless.)
A little over a year ago the European refugee crisis was addressed with two distinct measures -- namely, the EU-Turkey deal and the closure of the Balkan route.

So where do we stand today? How would we grade those policies' effectiveness and what are the consequences to the flow of immigrants into the Balkan region, and into Europe at large?
Yo, figured this would be more fun on ReplyAll, but I think we're going to have to have a conversation with Ronny about the office and socks. Now, to be fair he's got one sock on, and the other sock is actually covering his toes, but there's definitely a fair bit of side-foot and it's shocking.

We also might want to wait a bit before we sprawl out on Hometalk's sofas, socks or no socks.

Just saying.
Hold on, I'm in the restrooms vomiting, give me a minute.
Dutch Labour's fall from grace is a result of the fact that they abandoned their ideology and became too managerial, in the same way the European centre left is slowly being eroded, really since Tony Blair's downfall and along with the bankruptcies of the welfare states they wrongly claimed to be sustainable.

Wilders did indeed come second and still did proceed, but much less than the polls indicated for the last 2 years, mainly as a result of the mainstream taking over some of his euroscepticism and criticism towards unrestricted migration. This was a good response, largely, given that there are some real issues that needed to be addressed, as for example problematic integration leading to terrorist attacks and the refugee chaos during 2015-2016. There are liberal solutions as an alternative to the far right recipes of Wilders.

Wilders has softened his tone since the elections but I suspect he has separated himself too much now from the mainstream so maybe a new party can fill this gap.
Hi Pieter, thanks for joining us today.

Before we look ahead at the current landscape, may I attempt to put a bow on the events that transpired leading up to the March 15 elections.

There was a lot of concern mounting as Geert Wilders held a lead in polls for most of the year leading up to the elections. As we learned observing the US elections, the polls don't always tell the full story, but is there a reason we can assess where the sampling went wrong in this instance?
And is there a specific point in the campaign where we can identify when the margins narrowed?