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Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us today. I have just departed The Greenbrier where I spent two days watching Texans-Patriots and specifically Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage. This now makes three times I've seen Deshaun play at this level, but you all watch him nearly every day so I'm glad you're joining us.

Let's get started with the obvious question. Bill O'Brien has said a few times now that Watson is ahead of where most, if not all, rookie quarterbacks are by now. Did you think he'd be this good, this quickly?
The thing that has surprised me the most is the extent to which he looks like he fully belongs on the field. Watson appears calm, making adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Bill O'Brien has mentioned a few times that Watson doesn't make the same mistake twice.

Watson looks like a natural rolling out on the bootleg, play-action type of stuff. He can help out a shaky Texans offensive line by extending plays, which isn't really in Tom Savage's toolbox.

I still want to continue to watch Watson progress, both in practice and in preseason games, to get a full sense of how close he is to starting.
I am very mixed on the abundance v scarcity mentality. I used to put out quite a bit of content on my website first about marine renewables and then pipeline siting and eminent domain. I think that sometimes the free information lead people to believe that my services were free. I would also get calls from lawyers about their cases and have seen my materials poached. That said, the content also attracted clients though these days, almost everything I get comes from referrals.

However, I do wonder whether the trend away from content marketing is passing. I have noticed that many popular bloggers and coaches now make blog posts available only on a limited basis and require sign ups and email subscriptions to get more content. That is still content marketing but just presented differently.
Carolyn, great points. I have gotten really good at deflecting the requests for free legal advice, though they still come!

Still I firmly believe content drives business, both directly and indirectly. As our client base changes, to businesses run by C-Suite management that grew up in the internet age, we are expected to “give some away.”

This may be a good segue to discussing a lawyer as “an influencer” in our given fields. I want my content to drive business rather than influence any particular policy, but I’m curious what you guys think of that. I’m not sure that being an influencer would drive business – being knowledgeable and having an expertise seems key – what are your thoughts?

Do you have any better sense three months later of what actually happened? Following this case play out in the courts and the media feels like listening to the Serial podcast and *Spoiler Alert* still having no idea whether Adnan is guilty.

Steph, it feels like just yesterday that we had our epic Deflategate email exchange part I.  It turns out that was over three months ago.  And yet has anything changed? It doesn't seem like we're any closer to a resolution.  And, to make things worse, we are doing what the NFL wants us to do every offseason: talk about the NFL's off the field drama.  

Reports out of the Southern District of NY are that Judge Berman spent yesterday grilling the NFL, which some took as an indication that the league is in trouble.  But Lester Munson said on the Dan Lebatard Show yesterday that, if anything, the harsh questioning indicates that the Judge actually sides with the NFL.

What's your take on the current situation?

Well, the joke is always that when the Texans are "On The Clock" during the NFL draft, that is when the networks go to commercial. Generally, I think there is a view that something doesn't exist unless it happens near the northeast media markets.

That said, I think individually people have different views on that. Personally, I don't care one bit about it. "Lack of respect" blahblah is good to hype people up, but you get respect by winning and succeeding. Winning takes care of everything.

Simple question but (probably) difficult answer. Who has looked the best at qb? And do you think Savage could be a starter in this league?

So, Roger Goodell wants to be the arbitrator on the appeal.  When I first read that headline, I swear I thought I was reading something out of The Onion.  

Either the commissioner is completely out of touch, or else I am. In what world does this comport with basic notions of fairness? And this is why I'm hoping Brady and Jeff Kessler takes this case all the way and just embarrasses the league vintage Al Davis style.  Tom Brady has all the money in the world to throw at this case and I only know how I think I would act in his position, not to mention that his competitive edge is subject of great myth and legend.  

It is a rare recipe and might be the episode the sport needs to begin moving away from this bizarre punishment system where the commissioner plays both judge and jury.  

Thoughts on this weekends developments?

Okay, I get why Patriots fans are disappointed, and why Jets fans might be thrilled.  But for the life of me I don't understand the mindset of fans of any other teams who are happy about this.  

The rationale for punishing Brady under the CBA is that deflating the footballs was somehow "conduct detrimental to the league." What's worse economically for the NFL: Tom Brady getting caught deflating footballs which seems to have zero statistical bottom line impact or suspending Tom Brady for four games based on  some text messages?

I would argue that the most damage done to the shield comes from a Commissioner who's created a totally arbitrary make-it-up-as-you-go system of punishments! I mean, what was wrong with the NFL under Paul Tagliabue (an actual lawyer I might add!!!) who was not known for punishing athletes?