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MobiFirst Review
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MobiFirst Review – what is it and why do we need it?
As the world becomes more mobile centred, all sales collateral needs to look great on mobiles. Failure to do this means lower conversions and lower sales.
But the problem is that there are so many operating systems and different types of mobile hardware, that it’s almost impossible to get landing and sales pages to look good when browsed on mobiles.
MobiFirst Review addresses that issue by building pages using mobile technology first rather than using desktop technology and then trying to make the pages be mobile responsive.
Not only is converting desktop pages to mobile time consuming and clunky, it just never looks as good as when we create mobile pages to start with.
If you check out my MobiFirst Review, you will see that creating mobile responsive pages is a really buoyant industry on the likes of fiverr and upwork, and therefore MobiFirst Review is almost like a “biz in a box” in as much as it will allow us to bid for these gigs and beat the competition hands down.
So there you have it, MobiFirst Review works on two levels – both for personal use and also on a resell level to make sure that we profit from what is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing services online.
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