Welcome Back to Carolla Digital's Matt Fondiler

Welcome Back to Carolla Digital's Matt Fondiler
  • The other day I was watching Forrest Gump, and I realized that, now that I've seen it about 20 or so times, I've developed a list of burning questions that require a little inquiry.

    I realized, right away of course, that there was only one person expert enough, not just in movies, but in Forrest Gump in particular, who could help me work through these issues. The one and only Matt Fondiler, host of There Will Be Spoilers podcast," available on iTunes and therewillbespoilers.com as well as co-host of the More Best Friend Podcast with Alison Rosen.

    Matt, the ReplyAll community has been clamoring for your return. It's reminiscent of when the band in This is Spinal Tap finds out that Sex Farm is wildly popular in Japan.

    If you'll do us the great honor of hitting us with a "Bewm" we can get into Forrest Gump, scary movies (even though Haloween has passed) and why it seems like everyone wants to hate-fuck the creators of Homeland -- which is a nice way of saying that we've got a bit of a love-hate relationship.
  • Bewm! Let's do this.
  • Okay, first things first. There must be whole tumblr blogs devoted to this but why at the end of Forrest Gump are we not to assume that Forrest doesn't have HIV? He slept with Jenny long after her shoot-up heroine lifestyle concluded which is where I think its fair to assume she got the HIV.

    Am I the first person to notice this or is this a common complaint?
  • Haha, yes, I noticed that also, and it's certainly a disturbing thought to consider not only does Forrest have it, but maybe Jenny even passed it down to lil' Jr. at the end there. *cringe*

    I suppose you don't necessarily get HIV 100% of the time when you do it with someone who's got it... but the odds are not looking good.

    I'm still holding out for the day they announce that eating an abundance of shrimp, shrimp kebabs, shrimp burgers and shrimp salad actually lines your body with the antidote. Don't worry guys, he's fine.
  • It's a really different kind of ending right? You're almost expecting to see some kid on the bus tell Forrest Jr -- "Look, man I don't want to be a dick or anything, but you've got HIV. Seat's taken."

    Here's my other problem with Forrest Gump -- and I guess this one's more global. Seeing how he was an instrumental part of nearly every significant American event, how at no point in the movie does he not get covered by Time Magazine as man of the century.

    I always appreciated how, in Ted, they used that great plot device to explain how, even though Ted was a talking Teddy Bear, people somehow just moved on to the next wacky thing and kind of forgot about him.

    And now I've compared Forrest Gump to Ted. The movie gods must be angry.
  • Right. Not Time Magazine man of the century, nor does it seem like anyone who takes the bus has any idea who he is. Another observation my friend pointed out was that if this movie existed in the time of cell phones, the movie would have been about 2 minutes long as Gump would have gotten a text and ran straight to Jenny's instead of sitting on a bus bench all day long telling his story.

    Gump is definitely one of my all time favorites, but it's not without an ass-load of faults. There's a sequel to the book, but I have yet to read it. Guessing that it is not nearly as good, but it would be awesome if the guy wrote a third book that took place now and we can see Old Man Gump as like an advisor to Bush & Cheney or some shit. That would be crazy!

    Another fun Gump fact: Hanks had no idea what his character should sound like. It wasn't until they cast the kid who played Young Forrest... then Hanks basically practiced his ass off to imitate this kids speech pattern. Not sure if I should be proud or sad that I know that... but clearly I watch too many behind the scene featurettes...
  • Ha! I was just making fun of Ram because he watches "Talking Bad" and all the other post-show commentaries. Does anyone actually watch these?

    Funny that you mention the sequel, because I remember seeing it in a Borders about 15 years ago (holy shit I'm getting old). The basic premise, as I recall, was that Forrest Gump goes broke. My feeling was, why the fuck would I want to read about that when I could instead pretend that he, you know, doesn't go broke? Same way I didn't watch the final Rocky.
  • Now that my name was brought up (as I was being thrown under the bus, thanks Zach, :) ) I'll chime in.

    As much as I was a huge fan of Forrest Gump, I feel that I was too young when I watched it to find all the picky issues you two have with it. And unlike Zach, I didn't recently watch the movie (and my movie memory is shot). So when you guys are done analyzing this old movie, let's move on to the now and the future.

    Matt, I think we mentioned this last time, but I have a new question for you about the subject. I'm a big fan of The Wolf Of Wall Street. As soon as I learned about the movie, I went out and got the book (and the second book "Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street"). I LOVE the book. It takes you into this crazy world of the success and failure of Jordan Belfort. And I recently heard a discussion, on one of the (east cost) podcasts that I listen to, about how the movie (which is full of great actors, writers, and directors) is going to be too long, two hours and 45 minutes, I believe. I usually don't love long movies because they can't keep you that entertained for so long. However, I was happy to hear about the length of this movie because after I read the book, I thought to myself, how the hell will they fit this into 90 minutes or even two hours?

    What do you think about the lengths of films? And does it depend on content?
  • Well, some of my favorite movies are over (or close to) 3 hours long... The Right Stuff, Magnolia, Once Upon A Time in America, to name a few... but I think overall, I prefer a movie to be somewhere between 90-115mins long. I'm actually in the middle of watching Iron Man 3 right now for the first time... we started it last night, but it's fucking 2 1/2 hours long! Gotta split that up over two nights cause I don't get home till late which sucks.

    BUT if it's a filmmaker like Scorcese or PT Anderson, I'm willing to invest the time. And I guess with adaptations specifically, I think I'd prefer to have a movie that's a little fat that gets everything in, as opposed to just rushing through it. So many adaptations just do the plot by plot but they lose sight of any of the emotion that is driving the story.

    Ram, I wonder if you'll enjoy the movie now, or if you'll just be thinking about the stuff that's missing from the book...
  • I was trying to think of an example of the best movie I ever saw that ended too quickly. I couldn't come up with one. Any thoughts?
  • Matt, I don't know. I'll let you know when the movie comes out. And I just found out yesterday that instead of having to wait 9 days from today to let you know, I'll have to wait 40 days (they changed the release date from Nov 15th to Dec 25th, bummer).

    As far as movies that ended too early. I could have spend another 2 hours with Avatar, but that's just cause I'm a sucker for the effects and 3D. When it comes to the classics, I'd have to say I can't think of any, but when I do...
  • Hmmm... well I gotta say that many Coen Brothers movies, while excellent, have terrible, way-too-abrupt endings. I loved the shit out of A Serious Man and the final moments of that movie got me so pumped to keep watching, I was heartbroken when it just ended two seconds later. Same thing with No Country For Old Men... based on a book so it's not their fault, but I hate the unsatisfying ending. There's also a really bizarre indie horror movie I just watched last month called "Resolution". Which was a cruel joke because there was absolutely no resolution. Amazing buildup to just BLAH. OVER.

    Another great movie that ends too quickly: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Cops just break it all up and it hasn't even been 90minutes yet!
  • Matt. I'm in agreement about the Cohen Brothers movies. Also, speaking of Cohen Brothers movies, I think I might be alone on this, but about the only good part in Burn After Reading in my opinion is when Brad Pitt gets shot in the head.

    Matt, what would you say are your top three movies since January 1st, 2000, meaning this century? If you feel like you have to break up categories to separate comedy and non-comedy movies and have two top-threes, that's fine too.
  • Spoiler Alert!
  • Ha. Right. Five years later.
  • Yeah I thought Burn After Reading was AWFUL, couldn't wait for it to be over.

    Hmm... top three movies since 2000:

    #1, hands down, City of God. Foreign film, but could be my fave of all time...
    #2, probably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    #3, maybe Shaun of the Dead??

    Haha, this is a very eclectic list but I've seen all of these a sickening amount of times and they still blow my mind every time. I had a couple runner ups in mind, but these three just feel right.

    How bout you guys??
  • I have a better list for you (high jacks conversation) top three "if not for," meaning would have been desert island worthy if not for one horrible stain.

    1. Crazy Stupid Love -- if not for that horrifically corny ending.
    2. 4 Weddings and a Funeral -- if not for Andie McDowels presence.
    3. The Hammer -- if not for zero nude shots of the Aceman.
  • But my favorite three since 2000

    1. Lord of the Rings 2
    2. The Town
    3. Black Swan

    Honorable mention to "The Lives of Others."
  • Comedies:

    1) I Love You Man (it's my wife and I's go to comedy when there is nothing else on)
    2) Knocked Up
    3) Crazy Stupid Love (not trying to copy you Zach, I honestly love that movie)

    Honorable mention to This Is 40, just watched it again for the fourth time the other night and it gets funnier every time (really hits home on the reality part too. Matt, Zach and I both have three kids each).

    Non Comedies: The Departed, Transformers, and Avatar, (though, depending on how good the movie will be, The Wolf Of Wall Street might squeeze its way into the top three).

    Now I'm off to see Once Upon A Time In America (can't believe I've never seen it, thanks for the recommendation Matt). Might have to break it up into two sessions, that's a long movie.
  • Ram -- your list is offensive(ly long).

    Transformers? Really?

    We need to change direction -- Matt, I know you're not caught up on Homeland but what word can we come up with for this show to describe how awesome and horrible it is all at once?


    I've never felt so torn in multiple directions on the show and, I, unlike all other human beings actually don't mind Dana -- no spoilers Ram.
  • Sucktastic?
  • Before Matt answers, I'll put in my two cents.

    Dana is the worst character on a show since tv was invented. And Homeland is awesome (other than Dana). Zach, you know I love you like a brother, but only you and a handful of internet dicks take issues with Homeland. And only you take NO issues with Dana. What an awful character she is. Awful.
  • You're going to hate me even more for saying this (and possibly think I'm a perv), but I think Dana's hot.
  • U r discussing and I feel bad for your wife (who IS pretty, unlike Morgan Saylor/Dana). Ewwwwww.
  • (typed on iPhone)
  • Sorry for the delay fellas... lots goin on. Let's see... the only "if not for" movie I can think of is a recent movie called Sunshine. Sci-fi flick from director Danny Boyle (Slumdog, 127 Hours, Trainspotting)... I would say this is easily one of my favorite movies, IF NOT FOR the last 10minutes. I'll still suggest it, and I'll still watch it over and over again, but it's just a movie with amazing potential that kind of fizzles out right where it could/should have become a classic.

    Ram- good luck with Once Upon a Time in America... DeNiro and James Woods will truly shock you I think. It's a masterpiece in every sense of the word, director Sergio Leone's last movie too!

    As for Homeland-- as much as I dislike Dana on the show, I can't give her the title of worst TV show kid... that award most certainly goes to whoever the fuck plays David Duchowny's kid on Californication. I've only seen a handful of episodes, but I fly into an uncontrollable rage every time she's on screen in her stupid goth clothes "singing" her terrible music.

    I still have some catching up to do with Homeland. Seen and loved the first two seasons, only saw S3 premiere but eager to watch the rest!
  • Which brings to mind another annoying singing kid -- Brad Pitt's daughter in Moneyball. She ruined an already terrible movie.

    Matt, tell us (and the ReplyAll community) about therewillbespoilers.com and also ARIYNBF http://alisonrosen.com/cate...

    I told you when you guys started doing the Thursday podcast that I was bullish on how good it could be -- this last Thursday's show might have been your strongest so far. How much fun are you guys having?
  • Yeah, what the hell is it with trying to make these kids so damn appealing? The only decent kid actress IMO is Sally Draper on Mad Men... they do a good job of showing her as a flawed, complicated character, but she never does anything so dramatic that it derails the rest of the story.

    ThereWillBeSpoilers is the podcast I've been recording in my bedroom for the last three years. Been having a ton of fun recording episodes with friends, and the first 200 shows center around my love of movies. In the last few months, the show has changed directions a bit, and now each episode is about whatever we want it to be. Still some good movie talk, but I wanted to open it up for more people to enjoy in case they (are crazy and) don't like movies.

    And Alison's podcast has been a BLAST! Sometimes it's very hard to forget that so many people are listening, but I guess that's for the best cause then we all end up saying more than we should.

    So yeah, you can hear me every Monday on ThereWillBeSpoilers, and every Thursday on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend. Very glad to have all the exposure :)
  • Matt, you're the best. Thanks for hanging out with us.
  • Thanks Matt (just to get this in cause I missed a day or two here, I too hate the daughter from Californication).