Just Binge Watched "House of Cards"

Just Binge Watched "House of Cards"
  • Every time my wife and I have a baby we binge watch some TV series late at night. At Ram's behest we watched House of Cards, which I enjoyed about as much as the first season of -- dare I say -- Mad Men.

    Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara, is not normally my type of girl -- I go for a thicker look -- but holy good God I cannot get her out of my mind. I have no idea what Kate Mara is like in real life, but I'm all in on Zoe Barnes.
  • Agreed. She is very come-hither.

    But how great is that show? Kevin Spacey is amazing in it.

    I love everything about that show. And despite it being politically to the left, I'm all in (much like News Room on HBO. Politically to the left, but amazing show, it drags you in).

    I cannot wait for the next season.

    I need to know how close this show is to reality in the political world. I know that, for example, Nurse Jacky (another recommendation, Showtime) is very close to reality in real life (the show is about a drug addicted emergency room nurse. And they for SURE have former addicts on the writing staff).
  • Her sister is Rooney Mara of Girl with the Dragon Tatoo fame (and others) and her family owns the Giants. Geez, Zach, you've hit the jackpot. Beautiful woman AND sports, all in one!
  • Louis. Those are great points that I didn't know about (I bet Zach didn't either). Wow, what a family, they have it all (in the media, sports, movies etc.).
  • Of course I knew those points! Kate Mara literally looks like she was sculpted by an artist. I imagine that when plastic surgery really improves in the future, people will begin looking more like Kate Mara.

    The one thing that drives me nuts is her Twitter handle says that she is the mother of two Boston terriers. People who become parents to their animals creep the bejesus out of me.
  • Yeah. It's a personality thing. But seriously Zach, she is a good enough actress and hot enough that you should look past her loving her pet like a parent.
  • Me, too, Zach, like dogs and their "people" rather than their "owners." I don't want to imagine you looking like Kate Mara after plastic surgery. And Ram, the reason House of Cards and Newsroom are so appealing to you is because it is the natural inclination of people to be liberal. Conservatism is contrary to human nature.
  • Louis, I don't know you. But that is insane. I have always been NATURALLY more conservative than liberal (though I'd say I'm closer to a libertarian than anything else). And to say that it is a natural inclination to be liberal is like saying that one is born or has a "natural inclination" to love baseball or football (when the reality is that various factors in life will direct which sport a person loves/enjoys). In fact, on both those shows I sometimes want to punch right through the TV and strangle the actor (and the writer) and say, WHY DON'T YOU SHOW BOTH POINTS OF VIEW instead of just the (liberal) one you want to portray.

    And I like the shows because they have a combination of good writing, directing, and acting. And they are fun. I do fundamentally disagree with much of what the shows portray as reality, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them as entertainment. For example, I loved The Day After Tomorrow. It was an entertaining movie, despite the fact that I think it's retarded to say that humans have such an effect on the planet that we'll eventually have these giant super-storms that will put us right back into the ice age. But despite of my different point-of-views and opinions on the subject, I still enjoyed the movie.