I Definitely WANT to like Orange is the New Black

I Definitely WANT to like Orange is the New Black
  • Okay, so lets start with the good news. Netflix makes great original programming. I'm not counting Arrested Development because that's more adopted programming.

    I love that Jason Biggs is involved because I always thought he was talented -- most people remember him from American Pie but I actually remember him from Loser which I thought was a highly underrated film. Now if only we could cast Mina Suvari (there is no chance that I spelled her name correctly).

    OITB is realistic yet playful -- and balances those two better than Weeds. Good writing, good stories and good casting.

    Sigh...if I'm nitpicking, it's a little tough on the eyes. I know there's a need for realism but I usually watch TV with dinner or some sort of late night snack, I'm really not that interested in watching another butch woman off herself with a screwdriver.

    Ram -- I know you love this show, help me out here.
  • First, I have to ask, how far are you into the show, or the season?

    Assuming that you are at least halfway in, it should be growing on you by now.

    I am very picky, believe it or not. Meaning I will give most shows at least one or two episodes before I decide that I will not watch, otherwise I do watch. But all in all I nix a lot of shows. A perfect example is this new show Low Winter Sun (that frankly I think AMC is trying to shove down our throats). What I mean is, I love AMC's The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, so I really wanted to love this show, but it sucks balls right off the bat from the first episode, yeah I feel that AMC is making it seem like it's the next big thing, and it's not.

    Having said that, I loved OITNB from the first or second episode. But, I also love Weeds. Though, I will admit that the show was a bit lackluster towards the end, although I did like the way it ended. So when I heard that the creator of weeds was the creator of this show, I jumped right in (and I like how there are some of the same actors). I definitely hear what you are saying regarding the butch women screwing themselves with a screwdriver etc. But, that is how jail is, I can only assume. All in all I think it's a terrific show and I believe many agree with me.
  • So I like the show too - btw my wife LOVES the show - and you really can't quibble with the quality. It's objectively good writing, acting etc.

    Like I said, the problem is that I can't eat dinner with show. Oh and, btw, we binge watched it over the course of a week and a half. And I'm insulted that you would even consider otherwise.
  • Ha. I hear ya. So what u r saying is that it's a great show that u can't watch white eating (unless it's two lip-stick lesbians).
  • * while eating...
  • That is confirmed. I also want to know how much of this show represents reality. Would they really put a woman as meek as Piper in with a bunch of crazies or are all prisons that bad? even the minimum security prisons?

    Is Lesbianism that common in the joint?

    Any others I'm missing here.
  • Dude, I've never been to the joint, but my understanding is that it's the wild wild west. They do keep people of high profile (and some child rapists) out of the gen pop, but I'm sure they mix in the weak with the wild/strong, and all have to fend for themselves.