Alison Rosen's YNBF Podcast

Alison Rosen's YNBF Podcast
  • Okay -- here's my feeling. The show is good, but it's going to get a lot better. I listened to the original show a few times, but my feeling was -- and continues to be -- that Alison is more interesting than the overwhelming majority of her own guests.

    This isn't a bad thing -- Adam's also more interesting than 99% of his own guests, so is Bill Simmons and (while I've never hear the Freakonomics guys, I'm guessing same applies). Which is why I think YNBF will ultimately succeed -- because YNBF places the emphasis on funny, witty Alison.

    We get to see her in her natural habitat surrounded by friends and her podcasty Dad. The chemistry is building, but it's not going to be GREAT until they do the show 50-60 times. That's not a knock on them, it's just reality.

    Ram -- thoughts?
  • Look. I almost NEVER listen to the one-on-one podcast she has (unless there is a guest I'm really interested in that hasn't already hit the circuit of podcasts). But I do love her Thursday show. I like all the members of that cast, and I like the topics.

    I agree that the show will get better as it develops, as with most good shows.

    Also, I get all her songs (from the podcast, like "Alison wants your iTunes comments... oh, Alison wants them, YES she does..." etc.) stuck in my head.
  • So you don't emotionally connect with Alison when you hear the iTunes comments song?
  • No. What the hell is wrong with you? I barely get emotionally connected to my spouse and kids. A podcast song? really? I'm assuming you are kidding.
  • What gets stuck on your head more? Baldywood or Alison's intro?