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Ram and I have been buddies for years and our wives were childhood friends. That means when we hang out, Ram and I can ditch the women and hang out by ourselves. It's wonderful.

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Re: my oddly healthy attitude towards life/death: I think that's a lot more nature than it is nurture. Ie, that was honestly my initial reaction to the situation, not something I fostered or crafted. I guess it's just my personality.

Re: cancer shaping my perspective: as I said on Drew's podcast (thanks for listening, BTW), cancer gave me a new appreciation for the mundane and ordinary. I can't tell you how nice it is to worry about the garbage man coming too early rather than worrying about whether you'll live long enough to see your own wedding.

Mike Lynch and Rich Banks are to credit/blame for the Baldywood theme song. I agree, it is maddeningly catchy.

I'm glad you brought up "50/50," because I thought it was the best movie of 2011 and the fact that it got zero Oscar nominations - in a particularly weak year for movies - was baffling and upsetting. I was so incredibly impressed by "50/50" - the way it was funny, poignant, insightful, heartbreaking, subtle, and most of all, honest. Basically, everything I hope my own book will be.
I was trying to think of an example of the best movie I ever saw that ended too quickly. I couldn't come up with one. Any thoughts?
Matt, I don't know. I'll let you know when the movie comes out. And I just found out yesterday that instead of having to wait 9 days from today to let you know, I'll have to wait 40 days (they changed the release date from Nov 15th to Dec 25th, bummer).

As far as movies that ended too early. I could have spend another 2 hours with Avatar, but that's just cause I'm a sucker for the effects and 3D. When it comes to the classics, I'd have to say I can't think of any, but when I do...
* while eating...
That is confirmed. I also want to know how much of this show represents reality. Would they really put a woman as meek as Piper in with a bunch of crazies or are all prisons that bad? even the minimum security prisons?

Is Lesbianism that common in the joint?

Any others I'm missing here.
Look. I almost NEVER listen to the one-on-one podcast she has (unless there is a guest I'm really interested in that hasn't already hit the circuit of podcasts). But I do love her Thursday show. I like all the members of that cast, and I like the topics.

I agree that the show will get better as it develops, as with most good shows.

Also, I get all her songs (from the podcast, like "Alison wants your iTunes comments... oh, Alison wants them, YES she does..." etc.) stuck in my head.
So you don't emotionally connect with Alison when you hear the iTunes comments song?
Every time my wife and I have a baby we binge watch some TV series late at night. At Ram's behest we watched House of Cards, which I enjoyed about as much as the first season of -- dare I say -- Mad Men.

Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara, is not normally my type of girl -- I go for a thicker look -- but holy good God I cannot get her out of my mind. I have no idea what Kate Mara is like in real life, but I'm all in on Zoe Barnes.
Agreed. She is very come-hither.

But how great is that show? Kevin Spacey is amazing in it.

I love everything about that show. And despite it being politically to the left, I'm all in (much like News Room on HBO. Politically to the left, but amazing show, it drags you in).

I cannot wait for the next season.

I need to know how close this show is to reality in the political world. I know that, for example, Nurse Jacky (another recommendation, Showtime) is very close to reality in real life (the show is about a drug addicted emergency room nurse. And they for SURE have former addicts on the writing staff).