An Excellent Article on"Racism in America" by Dr Richard Her

An Excellent Article on"Racism in America" by Dr Richard Her
  • The article entitled"Racism in America," by Dr. Richard Herndon, is a comprehensive analysis of the causes of this problem.  America is a nation that is mostly founded on the notions of liberty and equality.  This freedom and equality, however, are often violated by certain people.  These individuals can be the racist white man, and a few others.Writer: racism in america has been a controversial issue, with the majority of Americans attempting to have free speech. 

    There have been several incidents that function as evidence that the US is no longer a free nation.  The one of the most influential events, however, has become the civil rights movement.  The most significant movement is also regarded as the biggest mistake in American history.  The modern day media, for example, writemypapers, TV, and radio, were all influenced by the actions of this group.Essay: Dr. Herndon assesses the reasons why America has issues with racism today. 

    There are three chief reasons the US is with those problems.  These reasons are the following:Economic changes - During economic changes, there is racial tension.  People are getting more liberal, while at precisely the exact same time they are getting wealthier, due to the new industries that have emerged.Race Relations - Throughout these times, race relations are not always perfect. 

    If a white person has been accused of being a racist, it's easy to point a finger at someone else, but for a minority, then it becomes much more difficult to find evidence.The most controversial issues, such as the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, caused many citizens to take a stand against their government.  The US is in constant disagreement with the rest of the world.This great informative article by a well-respected scholar, makes you think.  It makes you think about the reason that we've become such a progressive country. 

    The question is,"Why was this problem permitted to fester as long?"  The response to this question lies within the constitution itself."Racism in America" by Dr. Richard Herndon Is Essential read for everyone in the USA of America.  This is a superb place to dwell in.  However, it can cause people to become very upset if they don't understand the issues that are taking place.  This article will provide insight into this history.America, as it stands today, is still divided by race. 

    People are afraid of changing.  But, Dr. Herndon does a fantastic job in providing insight into how we got to where we are today.- Black men and women are afraid of those white people who are afraid of them.  We could look back in history and see slavery and Jim Crow laws were very much against our liberty.- The United States had no black schools until the 1950's.  Actually, our first black president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was actually forced out of office due to a lack of funding.- The Civil Rights Movement in the United States is mostly about"White Privilege". 

    If white people may go to the Olympics and be in the best shape of their lives, then black people are just going to stay at the base, right?"Racism in America" by Dr. Herndon is a great essay to read.  I recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading historical documents on this particular subject matter.I would like to add some other good points that he made concerning how we got to where we are now. 

    This can allow you to realize the reason why lots of people feel as if they aren't accepted in this country.- The United States was creating to be a melting pot, but it is not.  You will come across many people in the west that want to come here to live.  They feel as though they could have the best of America, and nothing else.- Many believe that racism is one of the chief reasons for the collapse of the United States of America.  There are those who believe that we have a great deal of difficulties with race, but the reason we fail in some areas is due to our racial divide.