An Overview About Charlie's Chalk Dust

An Overview About Charlie's Chalk Dust
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust is a brand devoted to bringing their loyal customers the intense, mouth-watering flavors they desire. These vape juices have so much flavor behind them that you will get chills down your spine with every puff you take. Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid is a vape juice that is so perfectly smooth that creates flavors that are out of this world, from the first puff to the last you'll be in love.  

    Outdoors and Smores

    Outdoors & S'mores brings you back to a time when you were younger sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and having the time of your life. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Outdoors & S'mores, the sweet graham cracker taste will crash against your taste buds. As you exhale, the creamy marshmallow and chocolate flavor combine with the graham cracker taste to create the perfect s'more flavor you've ever tasted.


    Black Ice will bring you the taste of tart blackberries that will coat your taste buds, causing your lips to pucker in awe. This flavor is so accurate that you will feel as if you're actually snacking on luscious blackberries. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Black Ice, the taste of blackberries hits your taste buds. Then, combining with the tart notes of the blackberry taste is a refreshing cucumber taste that will leave all of your thirsts feeling quenched. As you exhale, the menthol base of this vape juice brings the entire flavor into a full circle. This vape juice will have your mouth watering any time you think about it. 

    Head Bangin Boogie

    Head Bangin Boogie will have your head nodding along to the beat of this flavorsome vape juice. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie, the notes of tart blueberries will bring you just enough joy to put some pep in your step. As you exhale, a creamy Popsicle taste combines to create a smooth flavor that provides a sucker punch of richness. This vape juice has just the right amount of smoothness and creaminess that will keep you going all day long.

    King Bellman

    King Bellman provides the perfect treat that you can indulge on at any point. This vape juice brings you such a delicious flavor that you'll never want to put it down. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust King Bellman, your taste buds will be met with the taste of authentic brown sugar, as sweet as can be. Then, a warm vanilla flavor will hit your taste buds washing away the brown sugar adding its own taste of sweetness. As you exhale, the flavors combine together creating such an intense flavor you won't ever be able to forget.

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