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Today, I wanted to review the delicious Glas Basix Series eJuice Line. First off, the line is absolutely delicious! I was sent a beautiful, complimentary gift box with the line inside...not to mention when I opened it, I also found a vape t-shirt! I love some Vape Gear! Who doesn't? Then, came the Glas Signature Series Mech Mod (valued at$350.00)! I’ve been wanting to try this out for quite some time, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to not only use it but own it! 

As I made my way through the box, I found the whole Baxis Series line was inside...and I tried them ALL! I love variety, not to mention that many of these flavors hold entirely different flavor profile within you’ll never get sick of a flavor because you have a new option for each day! Not to mention a lot of these flavors are great for an ADV, as they’re not too potent, but still flavorful enough to get you through the day.

I fell in love with the Sugar Cookie Flavor. I starting using mesh coils with it and was hooked! I also enjoyed the Fizzy Lemonade and quickly fell in love with the Gummy Bears flavor as soon as I put it on my first RDA and dripped it! My mom fell madly in love with the Butterscotch Reserve flavor, and I love the fact that I have shopped around looking at prices for these little treasures and has them at the lowest price online! 

Before I write about anything, I do my homework and it's here at the best price. Not to mention they have sales, excellent customer service, and unbelievably fast shipping! So, check out this line and thousands of more yummy flavors when you have a chance!

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If you like fruity e-juice and don’t mind lower nicotine levels, Lemon Twist’s e-liquids are definitely worth trying out. The lemonade is consistently great and the fruits help to mix the flavor up a little, while remaining subtle enough to vape all day. Lemon Twist is one of the e-juice brands where you know what you’re getting right away. With a short line-up of four flavors on offer and an unavoidable clue in the name, there should be no surprise that they offer four lemon-infused flavors, basically fancy lemonades in e-juice form.

Peach Blossom Lemonade

Accuracy: This is a fancifully-described lemonade and peach blossom flavor, aiming to be a sweet but slightly sour offering with an emphasis on the peach. The juice itself definitely delivers on its promises. The peach is the dominant flavor note, but it’s nicely balanced against the backdrop of the lemonade, and the tastes themselves are well-replicated. It’s worth noting that the tastes are quite subtle, but both elements still come through clearly.

Overall: The subtlety of the flavors is what saves this one. With a really sharp hit from the lemonade or over-the-top sweetness from the peach, the flavor would have been too strong to vape through a whole day. But as it is, you get a pleasant touch of both the lemonade and peach and it goes down really easily. It isn’t the most drop-down delicious e-liquid you’ll have ever tasted, but it’s really well done and a potential all-day vape if the flavors are up your street.

Wild Watermelon Lemonade

Accuracy: Wild Watermelon Lemonade is pretty much what you’d expect, with the watermelon described as light and accompanied by sugary lemonade. The result is pretty good, notably stronger in flavor than the last juice and with the watermelon really taking center-stage. The watermelon replication is accurate, but it does have a slight perfume-like tinge to it. It takes over the flavor a little so the lemonade is definitely more of a backdrop, you don’t notice too much apart from a slight bite of sourness.

Overall: This flavor is OK but a little let down by the watermelon replication. The perfume-y elements take over the taste, and although it does still taste of watermelon, these elements drag the whole e-juice down. Others might not find it as aversive as I do, but even though the lemonade backing is well-executed the watermelon makes it difficult to enjoy.

Pink Punch Lemonade

Accuracy: Pink Punch Lemonade is described as a mixture of fruit punch and pink lemonade, combining the tartness of the lemonade with the sweetness of the strawberry and orange punch. This is quite a complicated mixture of flavors, but Lemon Twist has pulled it off really well. The pink lemonade is definitely true to the taste of the real thing, and it’s the most distinctive element of the flavor. The orange also comes through really clearly, particularly on the nose, while the strawberry doesn’t really jump out at you but blends in nicely with the overall mix.

Overall: This is a really delicious flavor. The pink lemonade backing is good enough to be an e-juice on its own, but the touches of strawberry and orange backing it up really take it to the next level. The result is a juice that’s sweet but also light and easy to vape, with enough character to differentiate it from the multitude of other fruity flavors on the market and just the right amount of tartness in the mix. This one is highly recommended, it’s an excellent e-juice.

Strawberry Mason Lemonade

Accuracy: This is a strawberry lemonade flavor, which may be fairly straightforward to describe but it’s definitely a unique mix in the world of e-liquid. The juice does a great job of blending an authentic strawberry flavor with a backdrop of lemonade. The strawberry is the main thing you pick up, with a mouthwatering sweetness to it but still subtle enough to allow the lemonade backing to come through as well.

Overall: This one is pretty much impossible to dislike. The expertly-captured sweetness of the strawberry carries the flavor and will mean you enjoy the flavor as long as you like the fruit. It’s made in partnership with Strawberry Queen, who as you might expect focus on strawberry-flavored juices and do a great job of capturing the flavor of the fruit. If there’s a criticism of this flavor it’s that the lemonade aspects don’t really add much, but overall it’s delicious and definitely one to pick up.

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Banana Butt eliquid is continues to be big on the vape juice market. Banana Butt ejuice has attracted the communities attention with their unique names and ejuice flavors. They know how to deliver the best-tasting banana flavored ejuices available while incorporating popular desserts.

Banana Butt E-Liquids is the brand that you need to explore if your sweet tooth desires creamy banana flavor. Their eliquids are innovative dessert creations that explode with sweet banana goodness. 

Thanks to the brand’s ability to develop an extremely authentic and flavorful banana taste, every puff of a Banana Butt E-Liquid vape juice delivers flavor that’s just like the real thing.

Banana Butt E-Liquids is a dream-come-true for those who crave nothing more than luscious banana flavor. Their vape juices are going to knock your socks off with decadent dessert tastes infused with authentic banana goodness.

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BLVK Unicorn prides itself on providing customers with premium vape juice. We want our faithful unicorns to have a plethora of options created with the highest quality ingredients. If you are BLVK Unicorn user, you know that we offer our vape juices in both nicotine rich flavors, as well as nicotine free. Some may ask, what’s the point of vaping nicotine free and the simple answer is, its fun! You can enjoy the flavors and inhalation of yummy vape juice, without adding addictive chemicals to the mix. 

For some, vaping is being used as a replacement for traditional nicotine rich cigarettes. By offering premium BLVK Unicorn vape juice in various nicotine strengths, it can aide vapers in making the transition without experiencing the extreme withdrawals from nicotine. By starting with a nicotine rich flavor at a higher dose, you can then slowly move down to a lower strength, and hopefully eventually on to a nicotine free vape juice. By easing the nicotine out of your system, the difficult withdrawals might be less intense on the body. 

BLVK Unicorn is aware of the addictive properties of nicotine and while we do not influence the use of nicotine for first time vapers, we are also aware that change from cigarettes can be difficult and by slowly lowering your nicotine intake, you may have a better chance of dropping the habit for good. BLVK Unicorn thinks that by even helping just one person quit smoking then we are succeeding in making a positive change. We hope that by providing vapers with these options, we can help them on the path to a healthier, safer, lifestyle! 

Vaping is the future and by providing quality vape juice, we hope to continually see the decline in traditional cigarette smoking and the addictive, harmful effects associated with smoking. Quitting any habit is rough and BLVK Unicorn can only hope that our premium e-liquid can make it possible for smokers who have been unsuccessful in quitting without a healthier alternative. 

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USA Vape Lab never ceases to please and satisfy their worldwide fans with their truly exceptional collection of offerings. With award-winning collections, such as Naked 100, created by their expert team, this renowned crafter is among the very best in the industry today. They have recently expanded their celebrated USA Vape Lab Series with the addition of the Fruits Edition. Strawberry Guava is one of the inclusions, and it is absolutely remarkable.

Strawberry Guava E-Juice by USA Vape Lab is an exceedingly delicious and authentic fruit blend that is nothing short of magnificent. This gem carefully combines the essence of mountain fresh strawberries and juicy guava, resulting in an explosion of fruit flavor that you will relish down to the last drop. You will be impressed with how natural tasting this delight is, making it effortless to vape for extended periods of time.

If you’re searching for a succulent, authentic, and flawless fruit-flavored e-liquid, it doesn’t get much better than Strawberry Guava by USA Vape Lab!

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