Hi Katie, thanks so much for joining me, we're big fans in our house of your work on MLP.

One thing I've often wondered about is how closely do you work with the people at Hasbro Studios?

Early on you told the story of how Princess Cadenza & Shining Armor met back in school. Is that a germ of an idea they give you to run with, or do you approach them with that kind of story? And have you ever been told you can't go ahead with an idea because the TV folk had other plans for the character?

Hasbro looks over all the pitches before I write the scripts. If they don't like an idea or it's too close to something they have planned for the show, they will nix it! 

And I was just told that it might be nice if I did a Princess Cadance story... there was no other direction. I sent them the idea of the "school" storyline and was told to roll with it. 

The original idea for the Rarity micro ended up being pretty close to the idea of "Rarity Takes Manehatten". The episode hadn't aired yet so I had no idea... I'm glad that I didn't go in that direction and ended up going with my other idea about the hippy ponies, as it's still my favorite issue Andy and I have done. 

Yeah, so that's really cool how the comic book can be setting continuity for the show.

You've been writing these characters now for a couple years, what's something you've discovered about them that you didn't know going in?

I didn't know the project would end up being so fun. Each pony has a great personality to work with and they all play off each other in very specific ways. It's been a blast "getting to know" each character a little better as I write them. I have my favorites, of course, and I really like the partnership the ponies have. 

Speaking of getting to know characters, I noticed that in the upcoming FIENDship is Magic Event, you will be writing the Queen Chrysalis issue. Your very first arc on the mane (nailed it) series pitted the gang against the Queen.

So what's appealing about Queen Chrysalis as a villain? And what might we learn about her in this 1-shot?

I think Chrysalis was really underused in her own episode on the show... she's a great villain and we didn't get to see her at her PEAK badiness. Andy and I really tried to make her a little more rounded as a character in the first arc. We get to see her evil, baffled, sarcastic and more... In her upcoming issue, we find out a little bit more about her past and just how long she's been a burden on Equestria! 

Alright, you have to have a good bronies story, if not many, so what's the best one you got?

I have a ton of stories... but my favorites are the kids that I meet. I met a little girl last year that told me the MLP comics were the first comics she'd ever read and now she LOVES comics and wants to write and draw comics when she grows up. She even wrote and drew me my own MLP comic! Full color and everything... and I almost burst into tears. 

Well that's a heartwarming story. I'll take it!

OK, last question and I'll stop peppering you - you're an extremely multi-talented creator, but who is one writer and one artist, currently in the business, you look at and say "I can't do what they're doing right now"?

I pretty much think that of every person right now. So many people in this industry are amazing creators. Every day I see a piece of art that makes me want to break my pencils or read a bit of story that makes me want to be a better storyteller. It's the nature of the business. There's always amazing content to admire and learn from! It always makes you want to be better. 

Thanks so much for joining me!

Be sure to check Katie's work out on MLP and Gronk. Anything else we should be on the lookout for? 

And one small request which I'll just leave here - More. Maud. Pie. Please.

Thanks! We'll send you an update as soon as a new conversation starts.