Legal Consultancy isn´t the same anymore.

Management, Mediation, Pitching are just a few aspects of our daily business in a law office today.

Legal Tech is the "super power"- Topic in any Legal Conference, Magazine or Keynote around the world.

But: Is this really the future of the legal business, of the legal profession? An artificial lawyer - the innovation of our time?

I don´t think so. Why? 

Because it´s a people business. Because it´s not different to any other business: Tech can only be a tool. 

It´s up to you, to us, to develop our consultancy to a modern business model wich includes human potential and legal tech. Than legal tech wouldn't´t just a disruptive innovation. It would be an evolution.

Coaching has the potential to help clients rise their goals. And on the other hand to empower Coaches to real listening, deep understanding and communicating. The perfect match to legal advice. 

How often is the best legal solution just not right for the client? How often can clients just not understand legal consultancy and implement the advice? 

Legal Coaching - the combination of professional Coaching with a professional legal background - is for me the #1 choice as a lawyer, to improve my communication skills and help my clients to get really what they want.

I developed  "JurCoach" as a professional coaching training especially and only for lawyers to implement coaching techniques and tools in their daily business as a attorney and as a leader in their law firm. 

This is for me innovation. What do you think?

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, ACC

Attorney in Germany and Austria

Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and Blogger at CLP (Coaching, Training , Mentoring for legal professionals)

President of ICF, Chapter Germany

The Business of Law: Are you human? Than don´t be a copy of Legal Tech! 

Consulting was yesterday. Tomorrow is Legal Coaching.

The new fish in the pond: Legal Coaching