Alexandre, thank you for joining us.

There seems to be a lot of excitement for the upcoming March! Can you tell us a bit about what you're looking forward to and why we should all be excited as well?
My pleasure to join you today!

There is a lot of enthusiasm for sure, but there is also a strong sense that the time has come to raise a new paradigm. The March for Europe will be a celebration of Europe but will also represent a call for action (demand) by the European citizens. Things are simply not moving, as they should.

This is a European Union imprisoned by the absence of a tangible strategy and the lack of proactivity. Let's not even mention the worst problem of all, the rule of unanimity.
Is it possible to specify where the EU, or the current paradigm, is broken and what kind of action its citizens can reasonably take to fix it?
The decision making process in the Union is in my perspective a fundamental problem. A de facto democracy cannot operate under the siege of a rule of unanimity. A sound and working democracy is achieved with compromises. You don’t have such reality within the Union. Well, you can argue that in order to change this reality we have to open the Treaty. I acknowledge that opening these days the Treaty is like open Pandora’s box. Been constrained by today’s extremist political views over the future role of the Union, that could become a real liability. But the vital question to be addressed is if the Union, as it is, has a future. My answer is no. We need to reform the European Project and that will only become a reality with the launch of an intergovernmental debate and desirably with a new and more flexible Treaty.

The European citizens have as well to decide what kind of Europe they want. If the majority agrees that our Union needs a Defence Union, an Energy Union, a European digital market, just to mention some examples, it is their duty and responsibility to elect political parties and movements that defend such necessary realities. But again, we face another problem: the political quality of today’s political parties. The last 20 years have been inhabited by the weakest, self-centered and populist political generation since the end of the II World War. So, again, it is time for a new political paradigm raise by a new generation of politicians.
And how will the March on Saturday reinforce and support the kind of activism you hope to see?
In Rome we will celebrate and acknowledge how important and vital the European Project was for our grand parents, parents and us. But will this Union be a problem to our sons? The future of the Union will not be addressed with flags, t-shirts and wishful songs. Before anything else, we the European citizens must agree on a set of principles in Rome and take them back to our countries, cities and citizens in order to enable a constructive and leading discussion about the Union’s future. This should be a bottom-up process in order to produce a tangible result.

Many of our people have forgotten the why of the European Project. For many, and quite understandably, the EU is more focus on the size of potatoes and cucumbers then raising a European Defence Union to insure a stronger security within the Union borders. Fundamentally, this example illustrates today’s negative perception by a considerable part of our European population that prompted, as a direct consequence, an exaggerated exhaustion of the Union.
It's a beautiful and inspired message. Time is running short, but what's the best way for anyone interested to join in? And what if someone is unable to make it to Rome, is there a way for that citizen to participate?

Thank you again for joining us, looking forward!
Rome will be everywhere on the 25th of March. Hundreds of gatherings and marches will take place around Europe this Saturday. Again, only through a bottom-up approach will we be able to see a proper, consequential and sustainable debate on Europe's future. This will produce, surely, a reaction within the majority of political parties across the Union and hopefully will change the engagement and commitment of the mainstream European political families.

The plane is about to depart to Rome. Inspiration is high as well the pragmatism. Let's do our best and start the talk about what kind of Europe we want.
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