Leona gave us a whole bunch of accountant-inspired TV and movies to watch this week. Do you have a favorite? I'm a fan of The Untouchables even though its historical accuracy is WAY OFF. Sean Connery!

I really enjoyed Greg's dancing in the Liberty Tax Mascot clip. My favorite for sure! 

I am also very interested to see The Accountant in the fall. Hopefully it will help (not hurt) our stereotype.

Well, glorifying violence goes over pretty well in this country, so I'd say if he's a killer or associating with killers, then accountants will score points. Conversely, nudity is shameful, so if his ass or penis make an appearance, then accountants lose points.

Sidenote about this movie: Can anyone look at JK Simmons without the Farmers Insurance theme song going off in their head? That's probably what the movie has working against it most.

Did we talk about housing stipends yet? That seems like a really good idea, however, might think that "paychecks" are housing stipends. What do you all think?

A lot of companies in Detroit offer incentives for employees who rent or buy downtown, and I think it's fantastic. Great for employees and great for the city. Don't a lot of law firms offer down payment assistance for their associates? A policy like that at an accounting firm could help retain talent, especially if it built the benefit in for employees who've been with the form for X number of years.

Yeah, I think it's a pretty cool benefit also. Definitely would be the kind of thing to FIGHT PLIGHT in cities like Detroit. Did I just make up a slogan? I think I just made up a slogan.

It's Monday, so go catch up on some news.

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