How to easily open a blocked sink?

How to easily open a blocked sink?
  • The sink is the place where the pipe is most clogged. When you wash the dishes, the fat enters the pipes and over time hardens and becomes a strong barrier. If you do not clean them in time, your sink pipe will become clogged. Here are two simple ways you can use them to solve your problem.

    1. Open the sewer pipe with dishwashing detergent:

    If your toilet water is blocked, pour 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid into a bowl, then boil it with some water. The detergent acts as a lubricant and cleans the residue in the sewer, then pour enough hot water into the waterway. If the pipe still does not open, it is time to wear plastic gloves.

    2. Open the sewer pipe with boiled water:

    This is nothing easier than that, put the kettle on the stove or in the microwave and pour as much water as it can and boil it. Now gently pour it into the tube in two or three steps. Let some hot water. Run every second and then pour the next series of water. This is always the easiest and fastest solution. If the tube opens before the boiling water runs out, congratulate yourself and make yourself a cup of tea with the rest.

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