What Do You Need To See....

What Do You Need To See....
  • All right, I don't think it's any understatement to say that this has been a disappointing season so far for the Redbirds.  What do you need to see in the next couple of weeks (say through the All-Star Break) to make you feel this team can turn it around in the second half and be a strong playoff team?  A move by Mo?  A string of good offensive performances?  The return of Joe Kelly?  Or is there anything at all?  Let's use this as the latest Smokey Room and talk about what signs we are looking for.

  • String of good offensive performances. This team could use a trade and infusion of offensive firepower but to get the usual performance from Holliday, Craig and a few more RISP hits from Peralta would be nice. I am an advocate for the acquisition of a guy like Stanton but that would cost the farm and then some. Without placing tons of of blame on MM and Mabry, it's time this lineup hits or quits. I expect Mo to address these needs sooner rather than later. 

    Starting pitching is also important and if Wacha is going to down for a long time, another SP may work.

    I won't count on Kelly until I see him pitch in a MLB game.

    There is plenty that needs to be fixed and it starts and ends with the offense.

  • Given the success some teams have had in a hitting coach change (such as Kansas City), it's really getting to the point where Mabry's job has to be at least on the table.  Would that make a difference?  I don't know.  I do know it wouldn't hurt this team one bit because that's not possible.  I'm with you, a stretch of games against fairly good teams with 5+ runs and I might think there's something salvageable out of this season.

  • As an objective (non redbirds fan) observer, i'd love to chime in. Watching Cubs/Sox right now, and all I can say is, At least you're not the Red Sox.

    Yes, they did win the World Series last year, but the fall from grace has been epic. They look lazy, uninterested and the talk of firesale is kind of sad to listen to. 

  • This is true. Both World Series teams have had their struggles this year.  Boston seems to be incapable of putting together two good years in a row these days.