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The Essence and Purpose Every Business


Bell Moore Group Inc. has been in the property market for more than 25 years with the goal of creating value in all facets of life, mainly in providing third-party management, leasing, brokerage and consulting services in the real estate sector.


To create and deliver value is the essence and purpose of any institution. Value is generated through work and clients trust companies who can deliver an effective and efficient service to them. Adding value in its original state or condition requires skills and in-depth knowledge which Bell Moore has practiced and developed for many years in the industry to be able to help its clients reach their goals and business objectives. We represent national tenants such as Sentinel Pension in New York, MAB American Property REIT in Australia, Paul Mitchell Trust in Hawaii and Summit REIT in Canada. With the guidance of Rianne Bell and Lynn Moore, the firm has successfully delivered excellent professional service and supplying business solutions to Ambassador Mark Erwin in Charlotte and other institutional clients.


In order to add value like no other companies can, Bellmoore Group Inc review and assessed client’s specific requirements and help them what they aspire to achieve within the business. This involves taking a hands-on approach and striving to do the best job possible for their clients and offering the most appropriate property solutions. Being client-centered is more of a skill set harnessed by Bell Moore team and which is evident on their professional ability to provide viable and worthwhile solutions to attain the client’s objective.


Clients trust Bell Moore to carry out whatever is needed to maximize benefits from potential income that can be obtained from the concerned properties. The team undertakes property value evaluation and analysis to determine as many alternatives as possible in reaching the client’s objective. Only then can values be accurately gauged and the relevant solutions can be developed to assure income growth before implementation.  Bell Moore Group Inc. is not only concerned with the technical and financial requirements of property operations but more so in creating value for their clients.

4-H aims to mold the youth to become the future leaders of the world and to act as one because it targets to provide tomorrow with true leaders. For many decades, its purpose focuses on “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development.”


The adults initiate fulfilling, enjoyable, and educational opportunities for the youth to help them develop themselves for the better and gain more knowledge to face the world’s challenges tomorrow.


4-H stands for head, heart, hands, and health, which are the four personal development areas of the organization. In particular, “head to clearer thinking”, “heart to greater loyalty”, “hands for larger service”, and “health to better living”.


Our population will surely keep on growing, and in 2050, the number will go up to 9 or 10 billion. By that time, we need twice as much food, Cathay Dupont Award noted. The challenge is having enough resources to support everyone’s need for food.


One country could give a great solution to this challenge in food, and it is the country of Africa and its people. The country has 60% of the uncultivated land in the world, however, its young people don’t see a thriving future with agriculture.


But with 4-H and its encouraging principles, the youth began changing their view on agriculture and slowly seeing its huge importance to the world. With 4-H, young people gain more knowledge about the whole food business and understand its value in giving a lot of opportunities for many people. The adults are also training them on how to do proper farming using the right tools and planting the correct seeds.


Many young people in Africa now understand that agriculture could help them earn more money and build wealth. The good influence of 4-H in their local community has also been witnessed by the parents and they’re changing their view on agriculture as well.


Prospering in the field of agribusiness is possible if people will embrace its every aspect. Cathay Dupont Award believe that the young people of Africa will one day transform their country and their older generations and will be one of the leaders of tomorrow, solving the food problem of their country and the world’s.


To extend their support to a few African countries, DuPont recently invested 2 million dollars in helping build leadership institutes in those countries. The company, along with Cathay Dupont Award really believes in the vision of 4-H because it also wanted the youth to be in charge of taking care of the world tomorrow.

Whether you plan on traveling for personal or business reason, it can be tiring most particularly if you have to deal with searching a taxi at the airport after you land. The best option to consider if you want to avoid a mad rush for taxis at the airport is to avail an airport transfer service.


Yet, who wants to deal with the added hassle of worrying about the reliability of the airport transfer company you have chosen right? Here are some of the thoughts you need to keep in mind if you are planning to choose an airport transfer company for your upcoming travel.


An efficient transfer service in comfort and style


Choose an airport transfer service that will give you the sophistication and comfy ride you deserve. Of course, no one wants to be in an unpleasant car service, whether you plan on traveling alone or with a group, you want a service that will meet all your needs and can ensure that they can take you where you need to be quickly.


At MK Tokyo Taxi, we understand the importance of a quality airport transfer service. This is why we offer a luxurious transfer experience on one of the many vehicles in our fleet. We provide a variety of luxurious vehicles to choose from so you can be sure to find one that suits you travel needs.  Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts’ state-of-the-art fleet along with a range of vehicles from executive sedans to minivans.


Professional and trained chauffeurs at your service


A chauffeur is the most important asset of car service company and they are the person involved in your airport transfer. They are responsible for driving you to and from your destination and one of the first people you will meet when your plane lands. Of course, you would want a chauffeur that provides excellent client service and that can cater all your needs.


Tokyo MK Taxi prides themselves on their highly professional chauffeurs who aim at prioritizing the needs of clients, well dressed, courteous and ready to assist you anytime from the moment you arrive until you reach your destination. We assure a quality service with our highly-trained chauffeurs.


A company serving for many years and that you can trust


Everyone wants an airport transfer company they can trust and has been providing excellent service to their clients. Tokyo MK Taxi is the perfect choice as it has a longstanding reputation as one of the best in the business serving the people of Korea, Japan and the United States.


An easy and stress-free reservation


Arranging an airport transfer can become a bit stressful, especially if you are arranging a last-minute transfer. Tokyo MK Taxi provides convenience both domestically and abroad through our Narita/Haneda airport shuttle online reservation system (SKY WEB Online Service), and our Global Web online reservation system (for Los Angeles MK). 


Remember, choosing an airport transfer company requires consideration, especially if you want to receive the best high-quality service. For an excellent service you can rely upon, choose Tokyo MK Taxi for your airport transfer service.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review- Spring Migration is Happening Now!


Grab your camera. Spring Migration is Happening Now!


Spring is in the air! That means hundreds of migrating birds are heading north across the Gulf from Central and South America and Galveston is one of their first stops.


If you're a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you may already know that the Galveston Feather Fest Birding and Nature Photo Festival is coming up April 6-9. Leading up to the festival, photographers are invited to submit images of wild birds taken in Galveston and surrounding counties. Contest details are here.


The winners each week will be announced on Wednesdays and posted here.


For a little inspiration, the nice folks at Galveston Nature Tourism Council allowed us to assemble this slide show of winners from the 2016 contest.


Be sure to mark your calendar for April 6-9 for the Galveston Birding and Nature Photo Festival and head down to the island.  You are sure to learn something and see some really cool birds!


If you want to participate in any of the trips or workshops, be sure to register early. Many of the events sell out well in advance.


Experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Texas, Jakarta, Singapore.


Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.

Because your success is just as important as that of your business.




Personal income taxes could well be one of your largest annual costs. And because most of the financial decisions you make have an impact on your taxes, having a solid strategy is all the more important—after all, effective tax management is the cornerstone for managing your wealth.


We can help you explore your tax-saving opportunities and develop your tax strategy. Drawing on multidisciplinary expertise, we provide you with customized guidance to fit your situation so that your tax strategy works in concert with other components of your financial framework and lifestyle.


For business owners and executives, we also help you evaluate the tax consequences of your business and personal decisions, providing integrated guidance to retain more of your hard-earned wealth.


Solutions we offer include:


- Estate tax, charitable giving, and philanthropy

- Income tax

- Stock option planning