A Guide To Buying Vape Juice Online

A Guide To Buying Vape Juice Online
  • Flavour:

    For the first time vapers, it becomes difficult to choose the right flavour for their taste. The wide array of flavours include creamy, fruity, food-based and tobacco. There are mixed blends of these flavours as well which can be good to experiment with. But if you like fruity flavours, pick mango, orange or watermelon as a safe bet, or if you are fond of cream-based flavours, pick vanilla or cheesecake flavour.

    Once you start recognizing which flavours are meant for you, you can explore more options in the same blend.

    Vegetable and Propylene Glycerin:

    90% of your e-liquid contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycerin. The ratio of the base could variate between 60:40 or 50:50 or 70:30.

    Since both the bases have their own advantages; you can use more vegetable glycerin if you want to blow more clouds and propylene glycerin if you want a better throat hit.


    Start with the low level and gradually increase the nicotine content is the thumb rule to follow. And for those who quit smoking and switched over to vaping can start off with adequate strength and slowly decrease it over a period of time.


    The packaging of the product is also very important as its vape juice after all, which can be a hazard if spilled around children or pets.

    Club Vapor USA, vape juices are packed in plastic bottles which do not break, are leak proof and have child-resistant caps. This precautions in packaging can prevent major disasters from occurring.